Art Direction Overview

Starting my graphic design career as an Senior Interactive Designer at Google and working my way to leadership roles within print media, I have had the opportunity to lead as an Art Director in interactive, digital, and print mediums. Each project communicates an on-brand visual tone-of-voice through thoughtful layout design, eye-catching imagery, and graphic placement.

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Teeth Magazine, Issue Eight

Art Direction by Devin Duckworth.
Themed “The Devil’s Playground”, this issue creates a provoking mental departure focused on playful experimentation and futuristic expression, allowing our readers to find solace through the lens of hellish fantasy.

Teeth Magazine, Issue Six

Art Direction by Devin Duckworth.
Themed “Life Imitates Art”, this issue contains 176 pages of coated and uncoated paper stock featuring art-driven design centred around perspectives of life and art and how they intertwine.

Cherry Paper, Volume One

Lead Art Direction by Devin Duckworth.
This collection chronicles global and cultural investigations of art, fashion, short and long-form writing, and is meant to serve as a limited edition collector's item in remembrance of 2018's Cherry On Top experience.


Teeth Magazine, Issue Five

Art Direction by Devin Duckworth.
From fine art to fine fashion, this issue is dedicated to the weird and wicked. There’s a darkness that takes over these printed pages, where traits of artists reveal themselves in their deepest essence and tantalise your eyes with strange magic.

Teeth Magazine, Issue Seven

Art Direction by Devin Duckworth.
Themed “Alone With You”, this hand-selected group of artists from all over the world capture and emote the mastery of losing oneself in creative isolation.


Google, Lead Interactive Designer

Lead Design Direction by Devin Duckworth.
Selected monthly magazines that have been strategically redesigned to interactively function on Android 10" and 7" tablet devices. Clients include Paper Magazine, Star Magazine, Muscle and Fitness, and Entrepreneur Magazine.