Teeth Magazine, Issue Seven

Teeth Magazine Issue Eight - Editor-in-Chief & Lead Creative Director

  • Developed issue's overall theme and visual and verbal style.

  • Creative directed, produced, and styled editorial features.

  • Commissioned creative teams of photographers, stylists, artists, and writers.

  • Approved stylist designer pulls to meet on-brand requirements.

  • Managed teams during commissioning, production, and editing phases.

  • Worked with freelancers to meet deadlines and produce on-brand content.

  • Supervised commissions from start to finish to meet editorial calendar deadlines.

  • Organized international distribution, issue allocation, and stockist development.

  • Reviewed, selected, and copyedited all commissioned content.

Publisher: Devin Duckworth
Editor-in-Chief: Devin Duckworth
Fashion Director: Camilla Sverdrup-Thygeson
Lead Creative Director: Devin Duckworth
Associate Creative Director: Camilla Sverdrup-Thygeson
Art Director: Devin Duckworth
Features Editor: Madeleine Morlet